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Welcome to my Blog space. Over time I hope to share information about photography with you. My current thought is to share pictures and their backstories, or at least what they mean to me, or what motivated me to take them. But, I'm also hoping to share photography tips trends, or any knowledge that I may come about that might help others better enjoy their cameras and photography in general, as we all endeavor to become masters of light and composition. Even if this is not your goal, the more we learn helps us better enjoy the art of great photographers. Most of all, I would love if others contributed to the blog, sharing your ideas or pictures. Interested??? Just drop a note on the “About Me” page.

My first intrigue with photography came watching granddad yield his Polaroid replete with the mesmerizing flashcubes. Pow…a flash of light, and then the opportunity to examine and play with the molten flash cube still giving off the distinct smell of its spent magnesium and aluminum elements. Waving in granddad’s hand, back and forth, was the photograph slowly developing as the chemicals dried. Finally an image appeared, and I was amazed. Yet, something wasn’t right. The photo replicated the scene, but colors were muted…de-saturated in such a way that the image was not as vivid as the actual scene and certainly nowhere close to my idealized view.

As time went on, I got my own polaroid as a gift, then an Instamatic style camera (you remember the type with the film cartridge), then a disc camera, all the while experimenting with my father’s Yashica 35mm camera. Then it happened! I saw my first developed roll of Kodachrome film. The colors and sharpness were amazing. What I was seeking were still images that had color and resolution like a Technicolor movie. Later, I found this film from a company called Seattle Filmworks, that repurposed unused motion picture film. The results were even more dramatic with great contrast and color saturation. Time moved on, and I owned various 35mm and Medium Format cameras, learning the basics of composition, and developing a style. Between losing boxes of developed film and equipment in a flooded basement in the 90’s, and tiring of the time lag and expense of having film sent out for development, I gave up on photography until I got my first SLR digital camera. Today, I enjoy taking pictures more than ever with total control over the “development” process. I can replicate scenes as bold as my imagination will allow, and that ain’t no snapshot.

Thanks for visiting. Be sure to drop me a note.



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